Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Do any of you honestly believe that some Black people are simply voting for Barack Obama because he is Black? Well Stacy Dash does. I had this conversation today with one of my friends about how they felt about upper class Black people voting for Mitt Romney because it fits their social status. Do we have a responsibility as Black people to vote for our own race? Makes you wonder? I voted this year as a democrat, because obviously that definitely suites my social status, and because I feel like the plight of Black people in this country has been such a struggle that it is an honor to vote for someone that absolutely could be my father, brother, or cousin. What are your thoughts?

Read below to see what Stacy Dash has to say about Obama's one, is she silly or realistic? The essay was quite long, but really explained her point of view.

I also don’t understand why more people aren’t acknowledging the good that has come about thanks to Romney’s Massachusetts medical coverage for all citizens. In addition, Romney’s business acumen is sterling. Our country needs a savvy business manager with the ability to work on both sides of the aisle. Paul Ryan is another brilliant mind with a viable plan for the
economy of this country. They’ve injected so much energy into the race. We need that ambition and focus to get our country back on its feet.;

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