Tuesday, October 2, 2012


"If he smokes weed:
On ocassion.
Why he released his album in increments, as oppposed to at once:
Now, it’s different because we consume music in smaller doses. What i wanted to do was engaged different type of music consumers.
If this album, will be a lovemaking CD:
This album is multi-purpose. I think my first album was so romance based. This album, I really hope this album inspires people to be creative.
What he hopes his music will inspire in the bedroom:
If it’s role playing. It could be the President. I’ve definitely done that.
If he and singer Lloyd have ended their beef (that in real life, sparked from hair comparisons):
Man, get out of here. It’s so retarded. Not even worth talking about. I spoke to him, I approached him about it man to man.
Working with Alicia Keys:
She was gracious enough to let me have a song. It’s called ‘Where is the fun in forever?’
The state of R&B:
R&B at one time, use to be creative. I think in general, R&B has gotten really lazy. Its become more of a stereotype–it’s like buzz words. I’m a huge fan of Trey, I’m a huge fan of Usher. I’m just excited to inspire non-lazy R&B. I hope that I remind people that you don’t have to be lazy.
Frank Ocean coming out the closet:
I think he’s an amazingly talented musician. If I were gay, that would be something that I would want to do.
If Ocean’s timing of his announcement was coincidental to when his album dropped:
It’s interesting the timing, it could be marketing plan. But as a grown a** man, I really don’t care."
105.1- "The Breakfast Club", thejasminebrand.com


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