Monday, October 1, 2012


Not so sure what really exculated the Jeezy and Rick Ross fight Sunday night at  the Bet Hip Hop Awards but there is a lot of speculation. There is video footage which I will post later showing various version of the this: –a shirtless Rick Ross swinging, a ton of security trying to diffuse the situation, a mirror being broke, along with DJ Drama and DJ Khaled’s present. We don’t see Jeezy, but it’s obvious he is somewhere in the crowd.

What started the fight you ask? Security did not clear the hallway with Jeezy’s camp soon enough, and Rick Ross and his camp had just performed and the two (who have a history of tension between them) exchanged words (both sides backstage) and ultimately blows.

Is it me or do you guys think this is so immature and classless? Really aren't these grown men, have we not learned what ridiculous beefing can do, and mostly how many lives have been taken because of it. Stay tuned later for the immature video footage.

Stay tuned for pics, and other moments that night....

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