Thursday, October 11, 2012


Not that I'm at all surprised but the rumors we were all wondering about concerening Bobbi Kristina being engaged to her God brother Nick Gordon are being confirmed by the new reality set to air 10/24. Bobbi Kristina needed a huge support system after her mom passed, and sometimes we run into the arms of the one we love as a cushion. This is very familiar to anyone that loses a parent. Although she is very young, when young folks are in love, who can stop them.

Rumors of the 19-year-old’s engagement to boyfriend and adopted brother Nick Gordon have been swirling around the Internet for quite some time now, but Bobbi kept denying the claims.
In the clip, you’ll see the drama revolving around Bobbi Kristina and Nick’s love affair (apparently, not everyone approves) and through what sounded like a nervous giggle, Bobbi announces, “We’re engaged!” Watch to see how they took the news and catch the premiere of The Houstons: On Our Own on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

This is going to be good, I'll be watching.

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