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Winston Warrior is the epitome of the phrase “never give up on your dreams”. After many years behind him in the music industry with a failed record deal, and a previous album under his belt; he is ready to step into the light again with new music, giving us insight into what the definition of soul R&B really means.
Winston Warrior grew up in Atlanta, singing in his church. After many years of singing Winston attended Miami University, where he decided to pursue those dreams of being a singer seriously by joining a group called "Lo Profile". After singing together for a while they managed to secure a record deal, but as with the predicament of many other groups starting out, the deal fell through. Eventually the group dismantled and Winston Warrior began a career in what he felt was more of a reliable source of income as a Marketing Executive. This wouldn't last long as your calling can never be denied. Winston then continued to follow his dreams till eventually things started to get in the right direction.

Winston returned to the music industry with Indy album "Lifeology 101" featuring Winston’s soulfulness and creative songwriting abilities with production by Don Vito of Don Vito Productions.  Lifeology received various accolades, and propelled Winston Warrior into quite a buzz worthy artist. Two years later Winston returns with his new album "Lifeology 101, Back 2 School". Winston’s new material encompasses feelings about his experiences, a sound that is pure Vintage R&B, filled with soulful melodies, and persuasive lyrics. Winston Warrior likes to brand himself the Phoenix the artist being re-born. His first single off the album is a song entitled "Elevator" which is exactly what it sounds like... It's a song about fulfilling all your fantasies in an elevator, if you know what I mean.

I got an opportunity to talk to Winston Warrior this past week, and find out how he went about re-inventing himself for this new album. All I can say is Winston was kind, and soft spoken, just right for the ladies, and had a great vibe. We even shared a giggle on the pleasure of going to the movies alone!! Check out the interview below. Enjoy...

1. What inspires you?
My experience inspire me, along with my aspirations, especially love.

2. What is different about this album that will be different from the last album released?
The difference is there is a lot of growth, this album; my ideas are clear, there's some new production.

3. Who would you like to become as an artist?
I would like to become a one name great, my name should stand for my humanitarian work- he has been involved in working with the "Big Brothers & Big Sisters" in Atlanta. He wants to be known as a strong person who conquered his failures.

4. Where did the song "Elevator" come from?
It came from a rendezvous that I had, or that we all have had once, whether that was in a car, or a secret location. It's sexy, it conjures up feelings about sex but not so blatant. The song actually took a few days to write but once we brainstormed and came up with the idea it was really easy to finish.

5. What does Winston Warrior like to do when he's not being an artist?
I love to play tennis, working out, and preferably going to the movies alone. It's always pleasurable to see a great movie in the front row of the movie theatre with all the goodies.

6. What do you do to keep centered?
I love to sit on my balcony, walk my dog, of course playing tennis, and my favorite thing of all taking a good nap.

Sounds like a really simple, down to earth guy. I actually shared with him that one of my favorite things was to go to the movies alone as well. If your ever in my city Winston wave when you see me in the front row!!!

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