Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My two favorite guys are supposedly not friends anymore. I never thought this would end, but it was good while it lasted. Supposedly Floyd Mayweather and 50 CENT are NOT friends anymore. (Sheds Tears). Rumor swirled when Floyd was released from prison this summer that they were fighting over his girlfriend Shantel Jackson, but I didn't believe these two men were even that corny so I moved right along. This week 50 Cent issued a statement:

“[The issues between us] really comes from … everybody around him is waiting on the next time he feels generous. And I have a lot [of money], so I don’t wait for nobody. I’ll go do what I gotta do. I don’t have to sit around and wait for the next time he feels like giving somebody something. Me and Floyd is always gonna be cool. He is different. [There's been] a different side of Floyd coming out of the pen. That’s all.”

You know personally Floyd seems like the type of guy who wants you to be his BI.. but who knows what this is about. Rumors are he is kind of salty about 50's new boxing ventures. Let's see what happens.

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