Thursday, September 6, 2012


Last night was a beautiful experience for me,  as I took part in Fashion Night Out with with the talented hair-styling women of Noel New York Salon & Boutique. These ladies took the time to cater to us females in the way we love through sheer PAMPERING!!!!.  I was able to get my hair braided, a ten minute manicure, get some fab make-up done - for a night out if need be, and enjoy some tasty food, and had the option to sip on some bubbly if that is your thing.

The salon is set in a cute, posh,  neighborhood in Bed ford Stuyvesant, with  a cozy, eloquent setting of tranquility, and peace. I had a blast. All of her customers, and future customers were treated to all the services available with patience, love, and care. I especially loved that I got my picture taken, and it was given to me as my souvenir at the end of the night. What more does a girl love!  Let's just say my next wash and set will definitely be at Noel New York. Love you guys!

After an amazing eye make up application, I left with a goodie bag, with a free 10% off wash for next time  ladies!

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