Monday, September 24, 2012


Must be rough after many years of dating a man to have him finally claim you, after the public has made you to blame for him never marrying the woman he his two kids with. Well it finally happened Diddy went and did it. This past weekend Diddy got on instagram and tweeted how much of lucky man he was with  a picture of who other than Cassie. Well it's about time!...Not that we all didn't know anyway, but thanks for the confirmation. Too bad this probably will not put a smile on Kim Porter's face since she's been on and off with Diddy for years. Well they did do the Essence photo shoot together when their two twins were really small, but again this is supposed to be his side-piece right. I guess not. Congrats Cassie.

"To start off the lovefest, Cassie posted a photo of Diddy riding a jet ski on her instagram with the words, ‘Love.Him’ and in return, Diddy posted a photo of Cassie looking stunning in a dress with the caption, ‘I’m a very lucky man #knowthat’.";

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