Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our mistakes are usually designed to put us exactly where God wants us to be. Most of what we do, and our purpose on this earth are more for his glory than we know. Chris Brown has decided to be an active participant in delving into the world of domestic violence volunteer work. Over the past few weeks Chris and his mom have spent many hours volunteering at the Jenesse Center. They have been doing things such as helping kids get ready for school, and painting a mural there for the women. It comes as no surprise then, that Chris Brown has now decided to tattoo a picture of what looks like a battered women on his neck. Some are still questioning what the tattoo actually stands for and if it has anything to do with Rihanna, but it could simply be him taking his mistake and helping others. Do you think it makes sense, to have such a picture on your neck, or is Chris teaching the world what he has learned?

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