Friday, July 6, 2012


Rihanna's lawyers just filed a  lawsuit in Manhattan on Thursday.  Back in 2009 while Rihanna was  on her tour Last Girl On Earth tour, she hired New York accounting firm Berdon LLP  to handle her money finances.  Now she says they swindled her out of millions and are still costing her a serious amount of cash because they caused her to be audited.
"E! Online reports that in the court docs, Rihanna blames Berdon for not informing her that concert costs were becoming overwhelming--and she was never advised to pull back on the spending.  Why?  Because some type of way, the company allegedly made a way for them to receive 22% of her concert profits.  So they wanted the tour, which grossed $40 million, to continue.  And Rihanna, herself, only received 6%."

The singer accused the company of not filing her tax paperwork from 2008-2010, which has now caused her to be audited by the IRS.  She also accuses them of giving her bad advice, like purchasing that $6.9 mill home in L.A..

I have been there. You really have to watch your money in this business. In the frenzy of touring and having fun; Rihanna lost sight of what she was really doing out there.. Making money... Hopefully everything is fixed now.

Eonline; YBF

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