Friday, July 27, 2012


Tameka Raymond's son was laid to rest today sadly. Tameka Raymond has announced plans to honor her son Kile Glover after his passing.  She is creating a Fund to increase water safety for families.

Below are the details that Tameka posted on twitter:

"I appreciate the hundreds, perhaps thousands of prayers. I'm so grateful to you guys. Kile was the most fun, creative, sweet, respectful boy.  Many have asked where to send flowers, but in Lieu of flowers, we ask that you make a contribution to the Kile Glover Fund @ Bank of America.  Our goal to to increase water safety- thru implementing laws, policies & education. Kiles passing will not be in vain, we will see to this.  Sorry, I gave half info Bank of America Acct # 3340 3823 9828 OR via PayPal email ... I love you guys."

This was a terrible way for a little boy to go. My heart goes out to you Tameka....

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