Thursday, July 5, 2012


Coming out of the closet publicly. Is this always a good move in an industry that is so judgemental. As rumors swirled throughout the entire 4th of July holiday about Frank Ocean's sexuality, I couldn't help but think is this going to hurt his career.. According to reports on the 4th of July Frank Ocean decided to open up about his sexuality, on his tumblr account.  His sexuality was meant to be revealed on his new album credits for "Channel Orange" but since rumors of his sexuality were swirling he decided to post it in his blog instead. (REALLY, because I hadn't heard of anyone wondering). Since then, some have applauded Frank, for his bravery yet other's still remain skeptical. I must admit I really enjoy his music. In fact I am still waiting for more music to be released by him. Did I really care about his sexuality?? not at all. Only time will tell whether we see a deeper surge of popularity for an artist that was still making his way through the industry.

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