Monday, July 2, 2012


Great news Eric, you're knocking up people now. I just recently started to feel like Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives, maybe should have given her marriage another chance. Well folks, Eric Williams done it again. He's now has a secret child, that he had while still married to Jennifer Williams. Damn Jen, you can't get a break.

"According to reports, Eric Williams  had a secret child while the two were together. Allegedly, the child is with a woman by the name of Tavia Serena Cannon. The woman claims that she and Eric had a child October 2011, while Eric was still  married to Jennifer. If you recall, rumors about this secret child came out last year, but they were dismissed. And news of the secret child came out because Tavia has filed for child support. TMZ reports that Tavia says she brings in $300/week babysitting, and has requested medical coverage for their child. No response of these allegations from Eric’s camp.  Jennifer and Eric’s divorce is still pending in a NJ court."


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