Friday, June 22, 2012


The statement "I made you" should never be taken lightly. Especially when a man, says it to a woman. What is that supposed to mean exactly. Well I wish we could ask Toya Wright's current husband "Memphitz", because he seems to think this was the only way he could retaliate when K. Michelle appeared on Love & Hip-Hop Monday night claiming she was cheated out of record deal, and beaten up by him. He then got a hold of his twitter page and started spewing out comments like "I made you" and calling her "Pinocchio". Of course she never mentioned his name on the show Monday night but twitter was definitely a buzz after the show aired. To think I thought this guy was a ladies man after he guest starred on his current wife's show :Toya: A Family Affair, and got married.

Come to find out a few months ago, before the cast of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta was announced, it was shared that there were rumors circulating that Toya Wright (LIL WAYNE'S EX) declined participating in the show, because her husband, Memphitz’s ex-girlfriend, was on the cast. The ex-girlfriend that we referred to was K.Michelle. We also shared that there were rumors that Memphitz had been physically abusive to her.

Is K. Michelle right for airing out their dirty laundry???

Peep the Pinocchio pic below that Memphitz tweeted!

Are men really different with different woman? If not Toya you have a serious problem on your hands.

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