Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Real Mistresses Of Atlanta Reality Show Trailer


What is it going to be next??? Now there is a full blown show about side-pieces??? Yes you heard right! If you are now dating someone famous on the low; meaning no one knows about it, but you and their bedroom walls; you absolutely qualify for the spotlight. “There's no doubt that the "wives" reality shows have been flooding our televisions for the past year. But these women aren't the only ones who have made it a point to step out of their famous men's shadows. There are new girls in town: The Mistresses, and they're fighting for their time in the limelight!”

Memphitz, (Toya Wright’s Husband, who allegedly used K. Michelle as a punching bag) is shopping the trailer around to various networks. Remember the famous name Mailah that Drake named dropped in his song “Miss Me”.. Well she’s a guest star. Are they serious???

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