Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have to admit every time Maxwell is in town, I call everyone, or any place I can to get a seat at the theatre. Well "Singer Maxwell has cancelled his shows for the summer due to vocal cord damage. According to a statement released by his reps, Doctors have advised the singer/songwriter against taking the stage.He has been diagnosed with definitive vocal cord edema (swelling) and a vocal cord hemorrhage."

Maxwell issued this statement:

“I know this sucks but after many months of recording I’ve temporarily damaged my voice,” Maxwell said in the statement. “I’ve had issues before during other tours, but was able to power through. I’ve been strongly advised to rest and undergo treatment. I look forward to hopefully seeing you next on our full fledged tour, when the sequel to the BLACKSUMMERS’NIGHT trilogy is released.”
“My deepest apologies to those who made the effort to try and see the show,” the statement continued. “Love and Thanks, M”

Maxwell, you can't be in the studio singing those beautiful vocals away. We love your voice and we want you to get better. Don't stay away for too long.

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