Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yikes, one week after being fired by (Shaunie) I mean sorry, VH1 and  "according to the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, Jennifer has fallen behind payments for her used 2006 white Bentley. Toyota claims that she stopped making payments back in 2009 and owes an outstanding balance of $92,310. Meanwhile, Williams’ camp says that the Bentley is supposed to be handled in her divorce settlement from her estranged husband, Eric Williams."

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Eric is not paying for jack. Wasn't it talked about this season of Basketball Wives, that Jen's lights were turned off at some point???? which was why she was staying in a Harlem two bedroom walk up with Nia Cooks???.... Wasn't he responsible for that? LOL. I hope she can get it together and fast.........................

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