Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I hate to see women using their kids as ploys to get even with their ex-husbands. Firstly you suffer, because you make  a fool of yourself,  and the kids suffer, because all they want is for their parents to co-exist and rear their lives. The extra stuff just makes it  all embarrassing and hard. I think that was the case for Dwayne Wade. " Attorneys for Dwayne Wade are seeking to suspend his former wife's visitation rights following her arrest Saturday after allegedly refusing to return the children to Wade's sister for several hours.

The star Miami Heat guard won sole custody of his two sons last year after a long and contentious fight in Cook County Circuit Court.

The two boys -- aged 10 and 5 -- were supposed to be picked up from Siohvaughn Funches-Wade's South Holland residence Saturday afternoon by Wade's sister so they could catch a flight to Miami to be with their father for Father's Day, but Wade's sister got no answer at the gate , according to an emergency motion filed in court.

Attorneys for Wade alleged his former wife barricaded herself in the home for several hours, refusing to let Wade's sister in or the boys out.

By then, sheriff's police officers were called to the home and were unable to get Funches-Wade to respond to their knocks on the door or calls, said department spokesman Frank Bilecki. Police gained access to a neighbor's residence, enabling officers to see that the two children were playing with two adults, he said.

"Then it became a waiting game," Bilecki said.

When Funches-Wade later exited her house without the children, police attempted to arrest her for allegedly violating a court order, but she resisted, Bilecki said. Funches-Wade struggled with officers who tried to handcuff her and tried to moved back behind her home's security fence, Bilecki said. Another woman tried to pull her behind the fence as well, he said

As officers succeeded in handcuffing her, Funches-Wade said she was asthmatic and short of breath, Bilecki said. An ambulance was called and she was transported to St. Margaret Mercy Hospital in Dyer.

Funches-Wade was charged with two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one account of resisting arrest, according to Bilecki. The friend who tried to assist her was also charged.

According to Bilecki, Funches-Wade spent Saturday night in the hospital and Sunday night in a suburban lockup. She was released from custody Monday after posting $10,000 bond, he said.

The boys ended up missing their commercial flight, causing Wade to charter a flight at great expense for them Saturday evening so they could be with him on Father's Day, his attorneys said.

"My children have been subjected to a great deal of 'drama/trauma' as a result of (their mother's) conduct throughout this case," Wade wrote in the emergency motion.

Wade, a native of south suburban Robbins, married his high school sweetheart in 2002 while still at Marquette University. Five years later, they separated and began what would become a contentious and prolonged divorce proceeding.

The divorce became final in 2010. Then last year, a Cook County judge awarded Wade sole custody of his sons in March 2011 following a five-month trial, one of the longest custody trials in Cook County history.

In court Tuesday, Judge Marya Nega did not make any decisions on the emergency motion. The matter will be back up in court next week.

"We hope the judge will do whatever is necessary to make sure the children's safety is protected both physically and emotionally," Wade's attorney, James Pritikin, said in a telephone interview.

To make matters worse for Funches-Wade, her attorneys moved to withdraw from representing her, saying they are "in adverse positions."

Does the fact that he's prancing around with a beautiful girlfriend have anything to do with this. LOL.


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