Monday, June 18, 2012


Drake allegedly took a jab at Chris Brown during his show at Jones Beach, New York on Saturday night, June 16. Making his first performance following the infamous bottle throwing melee involving his entourage and Breezy's, the Canadian rapper took a chance on the stage to address the headline-grabbing bar brawl at club W.i.P.

Before introducing Waka Flocka Flame to join him for "Round of Applause", Drizzy shared to his fans about what happened before the fight.

 "You were having a good night so far, you done had a couple drinks, you done met a couple thangs, and then the n**** in the corner start looking at you funny and you feel a motherf***in' way about it," so he said without mentioning Breezy's name.

"And then somebody going to the bathroom bumps you with their elbow and you like, 'What the f***?'," the 25-year-old rhymer, who donned a long-sleeved black shirt and dark jeans that night, continued. "At that time in my life, there's only one n**** that I wanna hear," he added before calling Waka to the stage.

I really think Drake should keep his comments, and how he feels about the whole situation between himself and his lawyer. Why is a performance a forum for voicing opinions on the matter when there are already so many stories flying around. I have to say it's hard to write aobut this childishness, but I love to write about celebrity  news and these two guys are one of my favorites in the game right now. I just wish it would all stop. REALLY!

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