Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After listening to all the interviews with Nikki Minaj and Flex, Nikki Minaj and 105.1 Breakfast Club, concerning how she felt about Peter Rosenberg "dissing her" on the Hot 97.1 Summer Jam stage; I still understand the platform that she is standing on that respect is due to an artist of her ca labor; but at the end of the day the loyalty to the fans is imperative. Especially for an artist that has lost it's voice in the streets. I'm not sure what part of the game, or for that matter business involves not performing for people, when your feelings get hurt by comments of a radio personality; but they riding with that I guess. Nikki being a woman who came out as a Hip-Hop artist, and who now has transformed into a full blown pop artist, is always going to have people questioning your authenticity in the rap game. It comes with the territory, and I do strongly feel Young Money Team, should have definitely gotten on that stage, and showed all their fans so what we here, and we are giving the people what they want.

Nikki your fans are gong to ride with you, but you must always remember temper tantrums, and not performing for people who still support you will definitely make you loose points. Although very much long, and dragged both Flex and Nikki had valid points, but again this is all drenched in personnel feelings, egos and business is business. Keep doing you girl. Stand by what you stand for now, and who cares what people think. If you love it, I love it.

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