Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tami Roman, known to call a sista a “b**ch” in a heartbeat and scream her into a corner even quicker, is saying that she feels bullied by “Basketball Wives” critics and they should be more mature when voicing their issues with her, reports S2S. Really!!!! I have to LOL at that, especially after Monday nights episode. Tami Roman who I like on the show, turned her chair around and kindly waited for the opportunity to pop Kesha, after a dispute over her telling something about Tami that she didn't tell Tami to her face. Does Tami wonder why????? . It's hard to believe that she wouldn't understand why fans and critics are now not thinking it's all cute, to slap someone, scream in their face, especially when none of it is really justified.

Tami explains “The way I’ve dealt with things over the course of my life comes from deep-routed issues,” said Tami to S2S. “Everybody has to respect the fact that people are going to take the journey and cross bridges when they’re ready to do it,” she said. “People judge based on how they would handle a situation. They don’t take into consideration how a person was raised. Everybody’s going to handle things differently.”  I totally get how people are raised to handle situations differently. Unfortunately after 4 seasons of watching alot of this enfold, I think the audience either has grown up or wants to see everyone evolve. We know drama will occur as its only human nature, but learning how not to deal with things so aggressively is sometimes more helpful. Especially when dealing with poor Kesha who has been running the entire season.


  1. Tami has a lot of nerve, her and Evelyne and are doing nothing but promoting bullyiing on the show. this is sad because bullying is a serious issue among teens who are commiting suicide and Shawnee is nothing but the ring leader. she brings everyone together knowing theres going to be drama and sits back and watches it unfold, never making a move to stop it or to stick up for the poor victim that is being abused. Evelyne and Tami are the epitomy of gettho and are setting bad examples for young women of all races.
    this show is disgrace and should be taken off the air. I use to have respect for Shawnee, not anymore cuz she seems to enjoy this portrayal. I no longer watch that show because it is too embarrasing. I have lots of girlfriends and no one ever behave that way

    1. I agree they are too old and have teenage daughters to be viewed upon as a bully. Shaunie I think you did a really bad job of selecting your cast. The show is not even worth watching.