Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm not sure if I'm coming or going with this Rihanna chick. I love you boo, but I kind of want to pull you to the side and say boo the liberating sex move needs to come to a close. This whole love triangle with you and Chris Brown- (who has a girlfriend)- is getting kind of ridiculous. Check out the story below from Jasminebrand.com

Over the weekend, the twitter tension between both rapper Meek Mill and singer Chris Brown heightened. A few weeks ago, we learned that reportedly, Chris Brown had taken Meek Mill off of his upcoming album, because Meek and Rihanna had some type of inappropriate relationship. Later, Meek Mill denied reports that he and Rihanna were dating. In fact, he confirmed that he actually has a girlfriend and that he and Rihanna didn’t party together in a New York strip club…but that the two of them were there separately. Fast forward to this weekend, early Saturday a.m., while partying at DC’s Stadium strip club Meek directed a tweet at Chris Brown.
He later removed the tweet, but we caught a screen grab before he did :) Fast forward to Memorial Day and Chris Brown has responded to Meek Mill’s erased sub-tweet. He wrote:
“She’s a dream chaser…There’s a lot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever…”
We know that “Dream Chaser” is a play on Meek Mill’s mix-tape.

Meek Mill responded to Chris’ tweet, saying:
“Dese chicks belong 2 da game…not u! Never get confused and think that’s all u!”

And then Chris responds by actually making Meek Mill’s tweet one of his “Favorites”. Peep the screen-grab:

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