Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Rihanna's mom says hold the press, I'm coming to baby sit my daughter.  According to British tabloid The Sun, Rihanna’s mom is so concerned about her daughter that she’s decided to travel with her. Why?

The Sun claims:

Her mum, Monica Fenty is following her wherever she goes in a bid to stop her hard partying.
A source said: “Monica’s moving in to keep an eye on her. “Rihanna’s dad, Ronald, was a crack addict. Monica’s refusing to let her go down that path.” On the plus side, Rih’s mum will cook up her favourite Caribbean dish, jerk chicken.
That’ll put meat on her bones.

In a way I felt like it was needed, but I know Riri is also a grown woman who should be able to sit down when need be. Sometimes you just need your mamma though... If you have a West Indian mom though as I do, you know it's all love.


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