Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Not that I am at all surprised but Jennifer Williams officially QUIT "Basketball Wives Miami". It is really unfortunate, because I'm not sure what Jennifer will parlay this opportunity into that has given her much of her fame anyway. Granted the drama with her and Evelyn Lozada was quite a bit unbearable every episode of this season, but girl stand your ground. Jennifer tells Vibe Vixen where her head is now and what she would like to see happen:

"Tahiti was the last straw for me, we were half way around the world and I didn’t go there to argue or fight.  I just wanted peace, but soon realized that wasn’t going to happen unless I was secluded from those that were determined to argue and fight.  Arguing with former friends, slinging dirt back and forth was something I could have done in Miami not there.
"The newly single star continued by pointing out that “neutral” parties weren’t that at all. Shaunie O’Neal, Suzie Ketcham and Tami Roman (who we assume she’s referring to) were shown making “snide” comments and tip-toeing between #TeamEvelyn and #TeamJen.
Ultimately, the Lucid Cosmetics creator is “happy to see this season come to an end.” Although severing ties with the ladies and the show, she does end her penning with well wishes to her cast mates."
“Even though this has been a trying season, I hope at some point my cast mates can get along and be civil with one another. I will always appreciate Basketball Wives Season 4 and this time in my life for the abundant lessons learned and personal growth I was forced to face. We all have our own individual imperfections, but I also believe we all have a good heart.  As women of color it is important we uplift and support one another.  I wish all my cast mates continued success and best wishes with their future endeavors.”

I'm sure Evelyn is laughing right now.....

Later today; Jennifer Williams sends out a message that she is in fact not quitting Basketball Wives with the below:

“Jennifer is not saying goodbye to the ‘Basketball Wives’ series. Her blog was meant to clarify where she stands in regards to the drama that took place during the season finale in Tahiti, not as a goodbye letter.”

Talk about Buzz... Jennifer you sure know how to work the media, I give it to you girl.;

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