Thursday, May 3, 2012


I honestly don't even know where to begin with this story. Pilar Sanders is saying one thing, and Deion is saying another. Someone isn't telling the truth. "Last week, Deion Sanders made headlines after he posted on twitter that he had been jumped by his estranged wife Pilar and one of her friends.  He said that he was pressing charges and she was going to go to jail, and sure enough, later that night Pilar was taken into custody. Now, Pilar’s BFF Dee Boswell is claiming that Deion initiated the fight and she has the evidence on her phone to prove it. She recently sat down with Good Morning America to chat about the incident which she says left Pilar bloody and bruised." Click on link below to get the full story.

A lot of times, all people need to do is try to do the most mature thing possible, to help families be able to co-exist with children, and for everyone to move on with their lives. I'm not sure what these two are doing, but it needs to center around what's best for their children at this point.

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