Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, well, well, what a coincidence, so Renee Graziano's from Mob Wives cousin is actually the executive producer on Mob Wives. Talk about in the circle. Below VH1 reports how Jennifer handled Junior being an informant to the police this season, and how it might have affected the programming of the show.

Mob Wives executive producer Jennifer Graziano was placed in a very delicate situation this year when she learned that her brother-in-law, Junior Pagan. who accepted a larger role on the show this season, turned out to be an FBI informant. Graziano says she should have realized something was up sooner because when she told him that being a regular cast member would “ruin him on the street,” his response was “I don’t care about that anymore. I want to be in it.”
Graziano tells the New York Post today that after she learned of Pagan’s involvement, she had the option to halt filming but she and Renee both chose not to. “VH1 called me right away and asked me if I wanted to shut it down,” she says. “I told them, ‘No, keep going.’ I would never shut down.” She does admit that because of the huge feeling of betrayal everyone in the family carries, she doesn’t like to talk about Junior, but she concludes by saying “He used to tell me that he was my brother. And, it turns out, he didn’t care about me — and he sure didn’t care about Renee.”

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