Tuesday, April 24, 2012


What the hell, what the hell!!! Why won't Pilar bow out of this one, as a mother. I mean fighting, and going back and forth with Deon Sanders is getting ridiculous. Mug shots surfaced yesterday after what seemed like a pretty big altercation with former husband Deion Sanders. Internet posts were rampant as people posted that Pilar had tried to jump Deion!!!   "She was locked up yesterday evening after she showed up at Deion’s home with one of her friends and jumped him in front of their two sons.  With too much to lose, Deion rushed to put his story out first by tweeting a photo of himself and his kids filling out police reports just moments after the incident happened."

Later that night, Deion’s daughter Deiondra tweeted Pilar’s mugshot to her followers to prove that earlier reports that stated Pilar was in the hospital were false.

I'm really over the whole thing. This is getting ready to be one of those movies where someone really gets hurt. You are way to classy and beautiful for this Pilar... Just stop!!!


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