Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"Real Burger, I'm talking about that real burger". What was Mary thinking with this commercial. Then again, a pay check sometimes goes a long way. I honestly don't think she thought recording a song for Burger King would cause this much back lash. However, recently Burger King decided to pull commercial because of music rights. Okkkkkkkkkkkk.

"The unconventional advertisement in which she is featured, belting out her great affection for Burger King's poultry and all its toppings, has been pulled, the Associated Press reports. The issue, the chain told the AP, is that the spot used music for which they may not have properly obtained the rights. A spokesperson for the company said that they hoped to re-launch the ad soon.
Many have decried the advertisement, however, not for its potentially illegal music choices but for its entire premise. Having a prominent black woman singing in an ad for fast food fried chicken, critics say, is inappropriate and insulting.

Damn Mary.... guess you may not be getting this check anytime soon.....

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