Thursday, March 15, 2012


While on hiatus from her show Monique the comedienne has been shedding those pounds. Monique from "The Monique Show" was put on hiatus last year indefinately but during that time has been heavily slimming down as she told viewers she would last July.  Knowing Monique as always being a full figured woman we all might ask how is she doing that well check out the below:

"Well, at least five times a week, Mo'Nique is up at 5:30 a.m. getting it in at the gym. She works for an hour with a trainer who keeps the routines exciting by having the comedienne do everything from weight training, boxing, and football drills to sprinting, pull-ups on the dip bar and, on warm days, jogging outdoors. Her workouts have increased in intensity and frequency over time, with her starting out with three times a week two years ago."

I am so proud of Monique considering the fact that she has always sworn by being big and beautiful. Although I've always respected her for that, taking the initiative to realize that health is worth the work, and life is worth the effort is wonderful. Thank you Monique, for inspiring all of us.

You have been kissed****

Huffington Post, NecoleBitchie

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