Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wohhhh! last night was a doozy on Basketball Wives Miami. Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams are at it again. I totally get Evelyn's frustration at how Jennifer just doesn't get how it hurts to  know that the person you once called a friend is not truly as loyal to you as you think. However Evelyn maybe a little forthright in getting her to get it. Below is Evelyn Lozada's blog from her website: http://evelynlozada.com/2012/03/19/blame-it-on-the-alcohol/ discussing  what went on at Shaunie's birthday dinner celebration. I mean my birthday is next week, I hope no one does that at my dinner table. lol. As I read Evelyn's blog today and saw all the comments from her fans I 'm not so sure the viewers are viewing her way of handling this as very lady-like. However say what you may we all keep watching.... till next week on Basketball Wives.
I thought it was really cool and nice to see that side of Kesha’s family and for her to share her hometown with the viewers.  I believe as friends it’s important to know where someone comes from.  When I think about it as close as I was to Jennifer I didn’t really know that much about her.  I didn’t even meet her Mom until she got married even though we’d been friends for eight years at that point…Odd!
And was it me or did that conversation between Tami and Jennifer seem really fake? She knew damn well that she had no intentions of inviting Tami or Shaunie to her event.  That shows you how she really is…if you can’t see it…then I don’t know what to tell you.
And who the hell does Royce think she is, Dr. F’N Phil, with all of her opinions. Tami has been nothing but loyal to Royce and in my opinion is the only reason Royce is still even relevant. I’m just saying. She needs to be real careful with that, I’m just saying.  Moving right along…I can’t lie, I was so NERVOUS to meet with Baby. Although you guys only saw one car, he came through with 4 or 5 cars and an entourage of people to meet lil` ole me! I was honored and am so excited to be a part of Cash Money Content. The Cash Money family has been extremely supportive of everything that I’m doing, so although I feel a lot of pressure, I’m going to work my butt off to promote The Wives Association.
Remember, The Wives Association: Inner Circle comes out on June 5th and you can pre-order your copy now on Amazon.com. LOL!  One last thing: Production didn’t show this but I wanted to mention that Baby’s daughter and Lil Wayne’s daughter are coming out with their own children’s book about their lives. I really wish they had aired Baby talking about that because people are always intrigued and wonder what their daughter’s lives are like. For the young ladies to collaborate on a book is amazing and hopefully this will get kids out there to read!
Now, on to the dinner…
The reason why we were laughing during Kenya’s speech is because that was only our third time filming with her so for her to even feel like she wanted to give a speech, shocked the shit out of us. We didn’t know Kenya from a can of paint and it was all very strange.
Oh Suzie…that alcohol is a BEAST. You know, I grew up on welfare; I had my daughter on welfare and on WIC. No one wants to be reminded of those hardships during a birthday dinner in front of everyone. However, if Suzie were sober, she would have NEVER said that. Listen, I am going to be all the way real!  We were all having a cool time and I was buzzed prior to the second toast to Shaunie, so I know how Suzie must have felt because had I been sober, I would have never given that second speech.  I’m glad I made that comment about loyalty though because being a “loyal friend” is important to me and Shaunie has been a loyal friend that has NEVER changed.
What makes me so angry is that Jen really doesn’t get it and she keeps telling people she doesn’t understand why I’m so angry. AGAIN, when you are supposed to be a LOYAL friend, you just don’t go popping off at the mouth on the radio or turn to a blog to talk crap about your friend and her man. Jen isn’t the type of person to sincerely apologize and this is where a portion of my anger lies. Jen’s thought process really is that transparent!  Because she’s a college graduate and grew up a certain she thinks she’s better than everyone else. My thing is, even if that was my situation, I would never talk down to anyone else or ever talk about someone’s livelihood or how much money they have in the bank during an argument.I don’t care about any of those things and would never attack where someone came from.
There is so much going on behind the scenes that you guys don’t see.  It may look like I’m getting angry for no reason but there is so much more to the story and I can’t WAIT for you all to see the real deal. As the show progresses I promise you ALL will have an A-HA moment and be truly AMAZED.
In spite of what was aired, we were all so excited to be at Shaunie’s dinner! It wasn’t all drama, I promise! I’m hoping on the next week’s episode, production will air some of the REAL fun we had.
Until next Monday…

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