Friday, March 2, 2012


Hey Ladies,

Would an open relationship work for you??? On last week Monday's 2nd episode of Basketball Wives Miami Season 4 Evelyn Lozada and Chad OchoCinco have a heart to heart about what they might want to consider to keep their relationship solid. It wasn't really blatantly said, but we got the idea that Evelyn is definitely open to an open relationship. Is it ok for your man to tell you he's cheating as long as he tells you? Is it ok for him to cheat if he doesn't tell you? Find out below from S2S what Jackie Christy has to say about Ev's relationship.

“Evelyn, I would tell her to ignore the naysayers. There’s gonna be a lot of them," Jackie told Vibe Vixen. "[Chad] is an athlete; [Evelyn] is a celebrity in her own right, and there’s gonna be a lot of people saying things about their relationship. I’m sure there’s already been."

And Jackie believes that Evelyn's got to learn, since there will be so many critics, to just let the negative comments roll off of her back.
"She seems to really take it personal; I would just advise her to ignore it," Jackie observed. "I would definitely advise them to keep the world out of their relationship, though. Do the shows, share, but make sure when it comes time for any of that hearsay or people butting in, ask them to kindly stay out.”
Ultimately, Jackie thinks that Evelyn and Chad have what it takes to go the distance despite what anyone might see on TV. "I really admire their relationship. I think they’re best friends and can act silly and have fun," said Jackie. "At the same time, they have that commitment level that you need in a long-lasting relationship.


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