Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, well, well, they finally found a way to prove most people wrong about how Chris Brown has changed , and throw him in jail  for a charge that maybe true, but not so clear. Even though I know Chris Brown may not have thought this would get so blown up, when is he going to learn. According to Bossip a warrant has been issued for Chris Brown's arrest today.

Breezy is accused of snatching Chrital Spann’s cell phone as he sat in a Bentley after exiting a club Cameo in Miami with friend and rapper Tyga. The police report states that Spann snapped a picture of Brown in the back of the car, and that is when Brown allegedly snatched the phone and told Spann, “Bi*ch, you ain’t giving this to no website!!!”

Ummm Chris babe, I guess you learned nothing about how they love throwing people like you in jail who are fair game.

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