Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So today is a very sad day for me in February. Don Cornelius my childhood favorite died of a suicide death officials are claiming at 4a today. I do not know one Black person who did not watch Soul Train, and I cannot imagine him taking his own life. Is it reported that Don was just getting out of a marriage, and had recently divorced.

"Soul Train" began in 1970 in Chicago and aired in syndication from 1971 to March 2006, featuring primarily African-American musicians. It brought the best R&B, soul and later hip-hop acts to TV and had teenagers dance to them. It was one of the first shows to showcase African-Americans prominently, although the dance group was racially mixed. Cornelius was the first host and executive producer."(

Watching this show was a weekly ritual in my household. I learned the art of performance through emulating some of the artists that would be showcased every week. Popular hot items on the show was the soul train line, which would have me clenching my teethe, watching the latest dance moves, as I would copy them and rehearse them in front of my mirror everyday.

Losing Don, is a big part of history that most of us will never forget. Rest in peace Don. Love, peace, and soul.

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