Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Diddy once again was doing his rounds, at the Golden Globe after party with Carmen Diaz.  Although Diddy has denied that anything is going on with him and Carmen, people are spotting them everywhere, including a big jealous tyraid done by Diddy over picture taking of Carmen Diaz at the Golden Globes. According to sources Diddy and Carmen did not show up together, but slipped out the back door when leaving just minutes apart, if not seconds.

Reports from media sources state that Diddy was acting very controlling, while Carmen simply took pictures and entertained male friends. Supposedly Diddy got so upset, he dragged Carmen Diaz by the hand saying "let's go" when party guests tried to give Carmen some attention. Friends huh????

It's really unfortunate, because I just read today that Diddy might actually have finally proposed to Cassie, his long time (jump-off) sorry I mean girlfriend. Maybe that wasn't so true. I can't wait till Friday to check it out.

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