Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vivica Fox & Omar Slimm White Round 2-SMH

I've been seeing the drama unfolding with this ex couple for a few days now. I did not really want to comment because Vivica Fox is my girl but Vivica  sure does not know how to pick them. As for Omar Slimm White Vivica Fox's ex fiance he wrote and open letter to Sister 2 Sister to clear the air about why they are really not together and why Vivica is kind of childish. Its very unfortunate because thats two  men in the last few years that have stated the same thing about Vivica Fox. 50 Cent had nothing positive to say about Vivica when he humiliated her during their short dating stint years back. Of course 50 Cent later apologized and invited Vivica to be in his video when his career was kind of simmering down but he really wasn't too thrilled about her during their romp.

Below Omar Slimm White talks about what he feels about Vivica Fox blaming the end of their engagement on him and how she knows the truth.

I totally understand that a person would rather save face and avoid admitting their fiancé ended the relationship. So I understood why Vivica didn’t admit the reality of what really took place…. She would have come out better if she stated we went our separate ways if she wanted to avoid the “true” nature of the breakup. The main thing is don’t lie… she and I know what happened so just be cordial and keep it moving. She knew from day one when I first met her I would joke and say “hey baby don’t hit me with that 2 can play that game” lol those methods destroy relationships. I hate games and negativity
Further more if I was using her for fame then why wouldn’t I play the game, put my pride aside and follow through on tying the knot? The reason being I’m not that type of man and I refuse to sell myself short for Fame.
Happiness is key in anything you do in life and people who settle for the wrong reasons never find True Love. I understand the illusion of life and what to avoid so I’m happy at the decision I made and one thing that was evident if she keeps it real or not is the fact I told her several times that “baby, no matter what we disagree about, let’s keep peace and love in the house.”
As you see in the month of December, her and I appeared on the cover of Sister 2 Sister, and when I saw the cover I was shocked because I walked away 2 months prior but I came to the realization that Vivica went ahead and did the interview as if nothing happened (At that time the public wasn’t aware of our breakup) So I’m thinking like if you really wanted to get married instead of getting caught up in all the glitz and glamour you wouldn’t have continued to provoke stress in the relationship. If you were to ask Vivica right now, “Did Slimm try time and time again to keep the relationship strong” she would have no choice but to admit who I am and the good examples I set! I always told her toward the end that “baby, I will loose interest if we keep this up”… When you have a bond with a woman that fire can fade if both parties involve don’t fight to preserve Chemistry…
But as I stated once before she has a great personality and a good spirit but you will never find true happiness if you cannot …overcome negativity and childish antics… I wish her the Best

Lastly why is Slimm commenting and writing all these letters to blogs and magazines. If it ended and it wasn't your fault walk away and leave it alone. How long are we going to play the blame game. It is clearly over after this and even if you guys were to reconcile after a few months now you have everyone involved in the drama. SMH.

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