Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ok. First I must say as a 30 million dollar each fight boxer why in heaven's name would you be beating on your baby mamma and harassing your kids. Ok I rest my case. Here are the charges that Floyd Mayweather had to show up in court for today and pleaded guilty to so he could get a plea bargain. Remember I only report. By no means do I feel anything about this because yes I am biased,  I love Floyd Mayweather. I still will watch the Pacquiao fight if it happens in May 2012.

Mayweather has decided to strike a deal that will  hopefully end the slew of charges he was facing. These charges are one count of battery domestic violence and two counts of harassment, all misdemeanors. His camp will also be given the right to argue for sentencing options the two being two days in jail or up to eighteen months in jail, and three thousand dollars in fines.

This deal was the choice for Mayweather who may have faced up to thirty four years in jail after beating, harassing and stealing from his baby mamma Josie Harris. SMDH. Supposedly Mayweather attacked Josie after she told him she was dating another man. Honestly not sure I would tell anyone who perhaps I knew was violent that I am now dating another man but that's just me. I would rather you find out on your own. lol. The children unfortunately had to witness this and claimed their dad was hitting and kicking their mom. (So not funny). Then supposedly Mayweather decides he will threaten his kids into not telling about the incident.

Last year when this story came out I had heard that he even stole the IPhone she had and had broken it. All of it sounds ridiculous. Mayweather also has to pay a one thousand dollar fine for verbally abusing a security guard over parking issues. I mean it is Christmas I would have loved to be getting this one thousand dollars, and three thousand dollar fines he has to pay. I mean come on man.

Hopefully Floyd Mayweather will put this all behind him in the new year and make better decisions if all of this remains true. I will still be watching the fight in May 2012.

*****Right after writing this I received an update from a reliable media resource stating that Floyd will be sentenced to ninety days in jail.

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