Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love & Hip Hop Dish!

Sometimes when shows do a lot of season peeks, and promotion before a season actually starts they tend to be a little disappointing as the season rolls in. As far as Love & Hip-Hop Season 2 it has not disappointed. Last night's episode was just as saucier than the first.

Chrissy Lampkin finally talks to Yandy Smith of why she is really mad! She talks about how the dancing to Mama Jones song" I'm A Psychotic Bitch" in front of all the girls at Somaya's Reece's showcase is disrespectful. She also talks about how calling Jim Jones her check, and her money is a little not cool. Chrissy I love you girl but isn't the whole point of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop about money. Didn't Yandy Smith broker that deal with VH1 for Jim. I'm sorry but I feel like something is missing. I think Chrissy is a passionate girl who is loyal for those close to her but not everyone and everything should get under your skin. As I read through twitter during the show last night she was being called crazy, bi-polar even though I know she was merely defending her own insecurities towards the drama with Jim, his mom and herself. The high-light is when Yandy says " Do you know excel, Microsoft Word, how to book a tour, and allocate budgets. Can you do what I do? (Yikes). I can't wait for the re-union.

The more sentimental part of the show is of course to watch EmilyB cry again about her departure from Fab's residence into her own finally. However I couldn't help but get annoyed when she tries to throw some heat at Kimbella at her cover party for Black Men's magazine. She basically gives her own toast of how much Kimbella has been with a lot of Black men including her man. Emily.. really girl... Is this the first girl Fab slept with three years ago? Isn't your reaction a little late? Were you not there at your hotel party where Kimbella told you the truth then before Chrissy socked her? I wish her the best. She really needs to find her peace and move forward. Proud of her movement ahead but she has to leave a lot of that behind her now.

At the end of the show I walked away acknowledging Chrissy's hurt feelings towards of a lot of the situations that Yandy has had her in during their dinner to discuss the issues at hand. I think Yandy may possibly owe Chrissy a small apology for hurting her feelings a little. Sometimes that's all people need is an apology. As far as Olivia... she does not care for Somaya's apology.  Even shoes won't get that girl to forgive Somaya at this point. I want Olivia to focus on her music and let by gone's be. You both are in a rough business  where support is needed makes no sense to down a woman trying to make it.

I can't wait till next week for the continuation of this story. I think the producers, and writers are doing a great job.

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