Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jim Jones In Harlem Project

Yesterday Angela Yee from 105.1 reported on the Breakfast Club morning show that Jim Jones was jumped in Harlem yesterday morning. Jimmy reportedly got into a verbal dispute with his ex yes ex manager's boyfriend who is Yandy Smith as we will see this season on "Love & Hip-Hop. After the dispute Jim decided that he would go to a Harlem project to confront the man.

The story then enfolds that Jimmy basically did not come out a winner as he was jumped and beaten. The only thing I thought about this was who goes to any one's project alone looking for an altercation. Not really smart but maybe Jimmy thought he could handle one guy but people aren't fighting fair these days. I do love Jim Jones and cannot wait for the season to enfold. Based on previous shows my guess is that Chrissy Lampkin is all in the midst of some of this mess.

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