Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Asked God For My Baby Words Of Nia Long

I thought this message was quite inspiring for today for all woman who have been told they cannot do what they want to if they are 40. Nia Long speaks on her pregnancy in Ebony magazine in the November issue and talks of how doctors told her it was not possible at forty to conceive another child. So many women get this sad news every day from a society that expects that before thirty you are expected to wed, have children, have a house and all the  many fantasies that sometimes may not hold true for all Black women. In Ebony Nia says"The best things in life are worth waiting for. You're not half the woman you're gonna be until you turn 30". I think society puts a lot of pressure on women to conform to these standards and if you are not in line you feel like you fall short in life. She also states that she was also told that having a baby at 40 was not an option by her doctors who claimed she was at risk because of her age group. She in turn prayed on it and Nia was expecting a few months later. I am extremely happy for her and wish her the best.

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