Friday, October 28, 2011

Whose The Cheater Gloria Govan or Matt Barnes!

Are you kidding me Gloria Govan? Are you really the cheater? The quiet chatter around the town is that after Matt Barnes announced his break up to Gloria Govan last week other rumors started circling about why they really broke up.  The rumor mill is that Gloria Govan actually  has been the culprit of cheating in the relationship. The week of their actual break up it is said that Gloria had been fraternizing with the rapper Game and has been for  a little while now. Supposedly that is not the only person Gloria has been associated with over the years. Gloria has been caught cheating with a known producer and get this Jamie Foxx. This is all hear say but we all know that many stories will pop out in the next coming weeks as to what the truth is. I actually thought that Matt Barnes had gotten busted again and that was the reason for the actual break up. I am kind of iffy on this one  because  honestly men don't really take cheating so lightly. Matt seemed pretty calm on his comments about Gloria after the break up. I can't wait to see how far this goes.

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