Friday, September 23, 2011

Kita! Kita!

I had no idea that Kita Williams and Monique Jackson from the T.O Show were actually the producers of the show. Props to Monique but this week I wanted to take a moment to spot-light Kita Williams.  I love giving sassy,  strong, driven, and take no nonsense women their props whether it be groupies, singers, writers or producers it is all really dope to me. I love Kita William's style, loyalty, and creativity with coming up with material for the T.O Show that all people can relate to. When this show debuted I have to say I was not that interested but recently I look forward to watching it on my Monday night line-up. The chemistry and dynamics with her and T. O make for good laughs on Mondays. You secretly want them to hook up every week but you find it cute when they don't as the show closes. Kita Williams keeps the drama with all her animated rants and her genuine care for T. O.  Keep up the good work girls. I really love the show.

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