Monday, September 19, 2011 Ray J Interview On Trying To Stay Relevant I Mean About Fabo!

Please tune in to see and  hear another epic fight from last night. Ray J and Fabolous supposedly went to blows at the Palms Hotel last night after Floyd Mayweather's fight Saturday. This morning it was reported that Ray J was three pieced by Fabo but as I listened to the interview today Ray J explained the whole thing as if he slapped and floored Fab!.. REALLY??? Fabolous!.  I mean I know Floyd has everyone hyped and ready to become pro boxers but Ray J starting the newest beef among rappers in New York is just lame. Not that I think he has no street credit but saying you slapped Fabolous mmmmm.  He is clearly upset on the interview with 105.1 this morning. I just could not understand or get a clear grasp on why. I hope Fab calls in today to clear the air on what really happened. All I was able to get was that Ray J is abviously still upset he still is considered the softy amongst an industry that has made him laughable more than anything else. Ray J I hope it all comes together. Jail is not cute nor is it relevant for you.

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