Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabolous Responds To Ray-J aka "Stop Playing The Piano In Dudes Cribs"

" Stop Playing The Piano In Niggas Cribs" .... Wow. That was Fabolous's response to Ray J's rants on 105.1 Breakfast Club yesterday morning after Fabo claims Ray J was seen on 24/7 for Floyd Mayweather playing the piano in his living room.  Fabolous claims that Ray J is probably using all of this ranting and raving to have some form of fame in the music industry since he has not been able to really get his footing in years. He also stated that the audition to be part of the "Money Team" is actually lame. I hope this beef is thoroughly squashed after this. I would hate to see other people get hurt in this mediocre argument that seems diluted with truth and lies. Fabolous also claims that Ray J may have some drug issues that he needs to handle and really get himself together. To some it all up Fabolous claims that Ray J's allegations of slapping Fab never really happened. I would have loved to be there LOL.

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